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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How do I use Linkedin?

At the fabulous SHE Plc afternoon tea at Danesfield yesterday we were talking about social media. What we uncovered is the fact that a lot of people who have not used social media before, understandably, don't know how to physically set up these sites such as Linkedin in order to achieve all of these benefits they are told they will get from using them. 

Business Buzz editor, Merrell Hardy of the SHE Plc team [Mary Flavelle Owner and creator and Astrologist Christine Chalklin] pointed out that you can just 'ask Google' ie type in the question you have and you will find guides and videos to show you how. 

So I did just this. "How do I use Linkedin" and came up with the New User Starter Guide supplied by Linkedin. The Site Features take you through the set up process bit by bit starting with your Profile.

It is certainly a good place to start and will help you understand why it can be a benefit too. Like all the social media pets you do need to allocate time to them and there is no reason why that shouldn't include the time to learn about them too.

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