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Friday, January 28, 2011

Social Media Pets

If you are going to have them you must feed them!

We are being told left, right and centre that we should be blogging or tweeting or linked-in. Some of us have Facebook profiles which are easy for personal use to dip in and out of as we wish but from a business perspective does that do more harm than good?

I do believe that these social media presences are like pets and they need feeding regularly. You'll see that this is my first blog post since before Christmas. Slap. My social media pets have almost died of starvation so my aim is to feed snippets every other week and larger feasts at least once a month.

So rather than sign up to all of them at once why not start off with one, get into the habit of feeding it little and often or at a set time each week and then when that is second nature to you and easy to manage, you can perhaps introduce another.

Linked in, I would say is a good starting point. You can set a profile (yes you should put a photo up on it), add events that you go to, put a small snippet of what you are up to and make connections. This then gives you other examples of what to update people about.

The reason I think a photo is important is that transparency is a good thing. I like to know who I am talking to and like many people I meet networking, I'm terrible at remembering which names go with which faces.

You can also style your profiles to fit your brand. This can be done with photo's logos and backgrounds and they needn't be expensive to create either.